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It’s no secret that market conditions favoring buyers have swept across all corners of the national real estate market. The media purveyors of doom have made much of this, but they may not have told you that the Tustin California real estate market has not felt the impact of the downturn experienced in other parts of the United States. Our market is resilient. While it is true that the Tustin MLS inventory is large, prices are good, and rates are low, there are plenty of indications our market is heating up. Days-on-market numbers are down, inventory levels are stabilizing, prices are firming up, and potential Tustin home buyers are taking notice. Keep in mind that this market enjoys many advantages that will continue to support demand for Tustin real estate. An ideal location makes commuting easy, and the transporation infrastructure  is well desgined to  support commerce and industry. This city is an economic powerhouse that virtually guarantees a strong commercial real estate tax base, much to the benefit of Tustin home owners.

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Tustin is located in the heart of Orange County and is bordered by Irvine to the east and south, Santa Ana to the west and an unincorporated area of Orange County to the north. Its location and proximity to freeways, airports, Amtrak and MetroLink Commuter service make it a perfect place to live, work and play. Own a home in Tustin, and you will have quick access to all of the amenities that Orange County has to offer.

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Then and Now

Tustin is sometimes referred to as the “The City of the Trees.” This name dates back to the time of the early Spanish explorers when the area was dense with massive sycamore trees. There are still three of these trees in existence today. The availability of water in this area, some from natural artesian wells, was the reason trees grew well. Apricot and walnut groves appeared and were gradually replaced by the Valencia oranges. As the city grew and urban development took over, the orchards are almost gone, but a vibrant city with trees lining the streets remains as a growing and welcoming community.

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Tustin is a city that clearly honors its early heritage by its preservation of its history in historic Tustin Old Town. It is twelve and a half miles of historic old buildings with museums that represent over twelve decades of Tustin’s past. There are many historic homes and commercial storefronts along the tree line street of Old Town. Tustin is a community that has been successful in combining the past with the present as it continues to grow with exciting new communities, modern shopping centers and a diverse industrial community.

Your Tustin Real Estate Team

Every Tustin home buyer has unique requirements and unique problems that come with them. We approach your situation with patience, a positive problem solving mentality, and an unswerving passion to “get it right.” Our past clients refer Tustin home buyers to us because they know we are committed to delivering results, regardless of the obstacles or market conditions. They know that we will hold your best interests at heart throughout the entire process of your real estate transaction. Our business is built upon our reputation for perseverance and resolve, and a core service ethic based on integrity and hard work.

Are you thinking of selling your home in Tustin? We know that it is not easy to leave family and friends. Our mission is to make this transition progress as smoothly as possible by securing the best possible offers from the best qualified buyers, with the least amount of importunity upon your time. The Tustin MLS market may be competitive, but we know that a commitment to creative solutions and innovative marketing can overcome any obstacle to the sale of your home.

Call us at (949) 644-8868 for a free consultation. We promise to afford you every professional courtesy and comprehensive information so you can make the most well-informed decisions possible.

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