The Life of an Escrow in Orange County, California

Unlike many states in this great country of ours, the state of California does not require an attorney to be involved in any real estate residential property sales transaction. There is no sitting around a table for formally closing these transactions.

California, including Orange County utilizes the services of escrow companies. These companies act as a neutral third party acting equally on behalf of both the Buyer and Seller, with each party paying their share of the escrow fee, which is normally split 50/50.

To many first time buyers, as well as those relocating from across the country, or from other countries, escrow can at first seem quite intimidating. The table detailed below will help in understanding the process, which is actually relatively simple. Bear in mind that escrow is there to help you simplify the process, as is your Orange County REALTOR

Note: Hallmark Escrow is an affiliated company of First Team Real Estate

Orange County California Escrow Diagram
Orange County California Escrow Diagram

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